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(c. 1431 – c. 1506), a North Italian Renaissance painter.

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81500 Retour de la peche, par Theobald Michau. Musee des Beaux-Arts de Rennes. Theobald Michau Retour de la peche, par Theobald Michau. Musee des Beaux-Arts de Rennes. Retour de la pxche, par Theobald Michau. Musxe des Beaux-Arts de Rennes. cjr

Theobald Michau
Michau (1676 Tournai - Antwerp 1765) was a conservative Flemish painter of landscapes, more famous in his own time than he is today. He was a pupil of Lucas Achtschellinck. Subjects of the country festivals (Kermesse) that were popularized by David Teniers, father and son to the extent that paintings and tapestries showing such rustic themes were called Tenieres. Michau painted designs and perhaps provided full-scale cartoons for tapestry weavers, for surviving records of the Brussels tapestry workshop of Pieter van der Borcht record Teniers peints par le fameux Sr Michau, such Teniers-like subjects painted by "the famous Sieur Michau". Among his work, on wooden or copper panels, in public collections are the Summer and Winter landscapes in Vienna
Andrea Mantegna
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